Dietary Needs

Many current students have dietary restrictions. KIVO (Kosher, International, Vegan, Organic) is a Star K certified kosher dining facility. My Zone is a Gluten-Free station located in the Restaurants at Ben Franklin (dining hall). Our Restaurants at Ben Franklin does not offer nuts or peanuts. Every dining location on campus offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options all denoted with special icons on our menus. It is also helpful to note that our menus are posted for each week under the "Dining Near Me" tabs right next to the individual locations on our website. Students can also access our menus complete with ingredients, allergy content and nutritional content by using the Bite app. More information can be found here: Bite app. If you wish to speak to a manager further regarding your student's dietary needs, please contact us at (717) 358-7165 to schedule an appointment or speak with our Registered Dietitian, Susan Hurd, directly at email. For more information about special dietary accommodations or to fill out a Student Dining Accommodation Request Form please visit the Franklin and Marshall College Office of Student Accessibility Services Homepage.

Meal Plans

All first-year students are required to be on a 225 block plan, 20 meal a week plan,  or a 14 meal a week plan. Sophomore students are required to purchase a 150 block plan, 225 block plan, 20 meal a week plan, or 14 meal a week plan. 

NEW FOR 2019-2020: A meal plan is required for students living in traditional residence halls. Juniors & Seniors must select a 125 Block Plan or a 14 meals per week or higher. Students in NCH apartments are exempt.

At The Restaurants at Ben Franklin = 1 Meal Swipe, All You Can Eat. At Retail Locations (The Grill Off the Green, The Horseshoe Cafe, Simply Salads, Blue Line, Flavors at LS&P) = 1 Meal Swipe for a DipDeal or Ben's Bucks, Flex, Cash, or Credit Cards for anything else.

Meals left over at the end of either Fall or Spring semester will be forfeited.

All first-year students are required to be on a 225 block plan, 20 meal a week plan,  or a 14 meal a week plan. Sophomore students are required to purchase a 150 block plan, 225 block plan, 20 meal a week plan, or 14 meal a week plan. Juniors and seniors living in traditional residence halls are required to be on a 125 block plan or 14 meal a week plan. All other Juniors, Seniors and Commuters have more options available. Students who want to add, delete, or change a meal plan must contact Lori Foust at email.

Rechargeable meals are available in 5, 10 & 15 meal increments by contacting the Business Office at (717) 291-3925 or via email at


Flex Dollars are part of your students' meal plan, they can be used at any dining location on campus. For example, Flex Dollars are used to buy a coffee instead of using a full meal swipe. They are also used to cover anything over what a standard meal plan is used for in our retail locations such as a DipDeal upgrade. An example of such an upgrade is if you get a sandwich with fries and a drink in Steinman College Center and you upgrade your drink to a milkshake, Flex Dollars will be used to cover the difference of milkshake upgrade. 

Flex Dollars can also be used to cover meals if a student does not have any swipes left on their card. Flex Dollars roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester; as long as the student has selected a meal plan for the Spring semester.  Flex Dollars DO NOT roll over from the spring semester to the next fall semester.

Ben’s Bucks are not the same as Flex Dollars, and are unrelated to your meal plan. Ben’s Bucks is a prepaid spending account on your Franklin & Marshall ID Card offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases on and off campus, including all on-campus eateries. You or your parents must make a deposit to Ben’s Bucks prior to using it for purchases.  You can also set up an Auto Reload schedule so you never run out of Ben’s Bucks.  

Value in Ben’s Bucks rolls over from semester-to-semester and year-to-year for as long as you are a member of the Franklin & Marshall community.  For a complete list of Ben’s Bucks accepting locations, click here. For more information regarding Ben's Bucks or to register, click here.

DipDeals are menu items in our retail locations that are grouped together (i.e. combo meals, meal deals) that are purchased for JUST ONE SWIPE of your meal plan. 

Employment Information

Absolutely! A variety of positions are open to students such as, student intern, Catering wait staff and more. We are not associated with the college or any work-study programs. Applications may be picked up in the catering office of the Restaurants at Ben Franklin. Visit our meet the team page to connect with a member of our management team.