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My Zone

My Zone LogoFranklin & Marshall College Campus Dining offers many items prepared without gluten or nut containing ingredients on our menus. Our My Zone platform is located in the Restaurants at Ben Franklin.


Gluten tolerance varies from person to person; if you are sensitive to gluten then our recommendation is that you make your food selection from our My Zone platform.  The staff is trained in proper food handling to reduce the risk of cross-contact and the food items found in this location are consistent with a gluten-free diet. Other dining stations that may offer foods free of gluten containing ingredients are not as well controlled to minimize cross-contact from preparation through to service.


Some Featured Specials at My Zone: Greek Chicken Salad, Taco Bar, Shrimp Jambalaya, Chicken Cacciatore, and more!


For students with nut allergies, you can rest assured that the Restaurants at Ben Franklin is a completely nut free facility.

Other Health Concerns
Sometimes, it might still be difficult to eat safely on campus if you have a medical need that impacts your nutritional intake. Please reach out to our General Manager Drew Niemann (, or our Registered Dietitian Susan Hurd ( to discuss what Dining Services can do to help. The Office of Student Accessibility Services is also here to help should you need further meal accommodations. You can visit their website at or filling out this form and returning it to SAS

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